AccuStream offer the following information to ensure your upgrade to the Dialine is seamless:

Choosing a Dialinefor Jet Edge style machine

There are three cutting heads available for the different Jet Edge style machines. AccuStream offers two standard style cutting heads with the option of different abrasive nozzle. A Dual abrasive inlet is also available for those customers requiring better solution for cutting brittle materials.

  • Standard Dialine

    Standard Dialine

    12834 DiaLine, uses .281 OD nozzles

  • Standard Dialine

    Standard Dialine

    12903 DiaLine, uses .300 OD nozzles

  • Dual Inlet Dialine

    Dual Inlet Dialine

    The Dual Inlet uses .281 OD nozzles. The Dual Inlet is designed for those requiring vacuum assist in the low pressure piercing of brittle materials.

Choosing a Connection

One is available to connect the Dialine to your JET EDGE Style Valve.

  • Standard Adapter

    Standard Dialine 1

    11756 standard adapter

  • Adjustable Adapter

    Standard Dialine 2

    13226 adjustable adapter

Selecting your Orifice

The Dialine is designed for use with Diamond orifices. AccuStream recommends stocking a few Dialine ruby orifices as backup in case of emergency.

  • Orifice #12749

    12749-xxx Available in sizes .008-.018

  • Orifice #12835

    12835-xxx Available in sizes .004-.02

Protect your Investment

In order to maximize the life of your Dialine Diamond AccuStream recommends the use of our Thimble style filter. A 600 hour warranty on the Diamond orifice is offered to those customers using the thimble filter.

The Thimble filter is a small stainless filter with very small holes drilled in a unique pattern to capture any foreign debris which might damage the diamond. AccuStream offers two different modified high pressure fitting to house the filter.

  • Orifice #13174

    131743/8” Female to 3/8” Male HP KIT

  • Orifice #13553

    135531/4” Female to 3/8” Male HP KIT