DiaLine Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Head From AccuStream

Dialine Complete Cutting Head

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Dialine Head Diagram

  1. Diamond orifice
    • Secure precision diamond engagement produces concentric stream alignment to the nozzle
    • Removable diamond provides maximum flexibility for a variety of cutting applications
    • Best warranty in the industry (600 hours)
  2. Mixing Chamber
    • Produced from the most wear resistant material for abrasive waterjet
    • Anti-turbulent design reduces wear, protects diamond and optimizes abrasive usage
    • Easy access allows for periodic inspection and replacement if required
  3. Nozzle Nut
    • Designed with dual piloting diameters precisely center the cutting stream to the carbide nozzle
    • Combination of long life diamond and precision alignment carbide nozzle life is maximized (extended)
    • Removal of broken nozzles due to part “pop ups” or nozzle “touchdowns” is trouble-free


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  2. Mixing Chamber Maintenance  Watch Product Video
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  3. Nozzle Maintenance    Watch Product Video
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Ruby vs. Diamond Orfice

Hourly Operating Cost
Ruby $1.79
DiaLine $1.57
Average life (Ruby) Average life (DiaLine)
Orifice 40 hours 1200 hours
Nozzle 60 hours 70 hours

Cutting Head Orfice

  • Save 12.5% on hourly operating cost with DiaLine
  • Reduce orifice-related downtime and purchase frequency by 3,000%
  • Increase nozzle life by 15% through 1,200 hours of perfectly aligned cutting stream to the nozzles