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Dialine Complete Cutting Head

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  1. Increased Productivity 
    • Rapid response ON/OFF valve provides speed and performance for increased production. Long life components allow for easy maintenance and longer time between maintenance intervals to ensure maximum uptime.
  2. Lightweight and Compact
    • Lightweight coupled with compact design enables the AccuVavle to be mounted close together on any motion system
  3. Flexible Production
    • On/Off Valve is designed for flexible production in either pure water cutting or abrasive cutting applications
  4. Built To Last
    • AccuStream brings decades of experience, rigorous research and an ongoing product development to everything we do. The combination of intelligent design and quality manufacturing add up to a cutting head that delivers maximum longevity and reliability

Ruby vs. Diamond Orfice

Hourly Operating Cost
Ruby $1.79
DiaLine $1.57
Average life (Ruby) Average life (DiaLine)
Orifice 40 hours 1200 hours
Nozzle 60 hours 70 hours

Cutting Head Orfice

  • Save 12.5% on hourly operating cost with DiaLine
  • Reduce orifice-related downtime and purchase frequency by 3,000%
  • Increase nozzle life by 15% through 1,200 hours of perfectly aligned cutting stream to the nozzles