A2 Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Head

The A2 abrasive waterjet cutting head features a classic streamlined design. All the cutting head components are designed and manufactured with exceptionally close tolerances to ensure perfect alignment. Since it introduction, the AccuStream A2 head has provided endless waterjet users maximum cutting performance—fast and efficient cutting coupled with low cost of operation.

A2 Complete Waterjet Cutting Head

A2 Cutting Head

A2 Abrasive Cutting Head Diagram

A2 Advantages

  • Increased Productivity: Easy to use head allows for quick replacement of nozzles and orifices
  • Reduced Operating Cost: Consumable that cost less than any other on the market
  • Maximized Cutting Speeds: Perfectly aligned orifice and nozzle optimize cutting performance

A2 Features

  • Precision Manufacturing: Provides perfect alignment all the time
  • Two Wear Components: Only the nozzle and orifices need to be replaced
  • Connections: The A2 cutting head is adaptable to every major manufacturers on/off valve.