Hypertherm Abrasive Regulator (1-13762)

Abrasive is the highest operating expense in abrasive waterjet cutting. Optimizing abrasive usage is key to enhancing the profitability of waterjet operations. The accuracy and versatility of the Hypertherm Abrasive Regulator II improve the cutting process and avoid waste by precisely delivering abrasive to the cutting head. With 30 settings that can be easily and quickly dialed in, the right amount of abrasive is consistently delivered to the cutting head.

Reduce abrasive cost

-30 unique settings deliver the precise amount of abrasive

On the go adjustment

-Easily adjust settings for different applications

Rapid response

-Ensures abrasive is delivered at the right moment guaranteeing a consistent, smooth cut

Easy operation

-Air to open and air to close control

Quick access for maintenance

-Built in back flow diverter prevents water from reaching internal components

Convenient maintenance

-Tool-less design makes it easy to inspect and clean internal components when necessary