Waterjet Cutting Technology

Our Commitment

Our commitment to manufacturing excellence takes several forms. One is the continuous implementation of advanced waterjet cutting technologies throughout our product offering, which deliver significant cost benefits to our customers. Moreover, these technologies are applied within our own manufacturing facilities, proving that competitive manufacturing is possible anywhere around the globe.

DiaLine Abrasive Cutting Head

AccuStream has spent countless hours developing the industry’s most comprehensive, smartly designed and completely customizable cutting heads available today. The DiaLine cutting head has taken stream alignment to the next level and backs it up with an industry best 600 hour warranty. Not only is DiaLine the most technologically advanced cutting head on the market but the DiaLine also offers you the ability to customize the cutting head to meet the needs of any operation.

  1. Diamond Orifice Technology
  2. Roctec 500 Mixing Chamber
  3. Precision stream alignment
  4. Tool-less nozzle changes
  5. Completely customizable

Abrasive Regulator II

A very important factor for cutting edge quality is the accuracy and stability of the abrasive flow rate. The AccuStream Regulator II is designed to ensure peak waterjet cutting performance. The Regulator II’s compact abrasive metering system delivers the precise amount of abrasive needed to the waterjet cutting head at maximum speed. The system is positioned close to the cutting head which decreases the distance the abrasive travels and guarantees a smooth cut, while curtailing the abrasive that is wasted on inefficient cutting.