AccuStream Offers New Range of Versatile Intensifiers

Posted on 10-13-2010

AMRC and Boeing (10/13/2010) - The AccuStream range of AS waterjet intensifiers is now available in the UK. As part of a wide range of waterjet products, the AS series is recognised for cost-effective performance and outstanding reliability. The range covers 15-150 hp and will appeal to any company looking to optimise its waterjet cutting installation throughout a wide range of industries and industrial fabrication applications .

AccuStream AS pumps feature Advanced Intensifier Technology (AIT) incorporating design features which together deliver simple maintenance, prolonged component life and high levels of reliability and performance .

For simplified access, the hydraulic rod seals and plunger bearing are readily accessed from the outside of the hydraulic end cap. For improved component life, the hydraulic centre section features an advanced piston design which minimises seal wear and improves component life. For lower maintenance, the check valve utilises a screw-less, low-pressure poppet design to enable quick evaluation of key contact surfaces. Advanced electronics provide smooth, more reliable shifting for optimum cut quality. In addition shift times are monitored for intensifier performance.

The durable threaded rod design simplifies high pressure end removal for quick seal maintenance. The non-threaded cylinder design increases reliability whilst extended seal life is promoted through a large diameter ceramic plunger that produces more water per stroke with reduced friction, thereby ensuring maximum seal life.

The simple to operate touch panel controls essential functions of the intensifier. There is a simple graphical guide to pump operation and maintenance, built in trouble shooting charts and detailed intensifier graphics for machine diagnostics as well as a Quick Help feature.

AS series intensifiers are robust and have a tubular frame construction. Models feature kidney loop oil cooling and filtration as well as an inlet water filtration with boost pump and water accumulator. Electronic system monitoring is also standard and there is the facility for remote control connectivity.