AccuStream’s New AS-60150 Intensifier Pump

Posted on 2-09-2009

SAINT PAUL, MINN. February 9, 2009 AccuStream has introduced a new 150 horsepower model to its AS Series of waterjet intensifier pumps.

The AS-60150 produces 3.2 gpm (12.1 lpm) continuous output pressure adjustable up to 60,000 psi. The pump incorporates AccuStream’s innovative Advanced Intensifier Technology (AIT™). Over the past few years, the AIT intensifiers have been the top performing intensifiers in the waterjet market. The combination of intelligent design, quality manufacturing and carefully selected material has provided users the greatest periods between maintenance intervals.

The machine features two independent hydraulic pumps which power each intensifier. Each hydraulic pump can be isolated, allowing maintenance on one intensifier while operating. The ergonomic frame design improves the ease-of-use and effectiveness of the key components and maintenance items.

The AccuStream control center features proprietary software that uses an easy-to-understand format with a touch screen panel, to guide operators through a series of steps necessary to operate, troubleshoot and log maintenance. The control center can be loaded with up to four different languages.

Other features include; a leak-before-fail 2 liter attenuator, a new improved safety dump valve, electronic pressure control, insulated covers and a remote control of all pumps operations.

For more information on the AS-60150 or other innovative waterjet products, visit their website at www.accustream.com, or contact an AccuStream representative at (651) 294-8600.