The DiaLine - Waterjet Cutting Heads Redefined by AccuStream

Posted on 6-18-2008

SAINT PAUL, MINN. June 18, 2008 - With its DiaLine waterjet cutting head, AccuStream is presenting a brand new worldwide innovation to the field of waterjet cutting. It offers users critical advantages over conventional industry cutting heads.

The DiaLine was engineered to provide longer component life and faster cutting speeds over the current industry cutting heads. To do this, the DiaLine utilizes long life components, such as a diamond orifice and a Roctec 500® mixing chamber, to provide the longest periods of peak cutting performance. The new head guarantees the user a maximum return for every invested dollar or Euro.

The DiaLine features an embedded diamond orifice, which eliminates misalignment and wear that is sometimes caused by damaged ruby orifices. The head is also equipped with an inventive and clever abrasive flow concept, designed especially by AccuStream, which ensures proper protection of the diamond orifice as well as maximizes the life of the diamond. Diamond orifices have an estimated lifetime of 1000-2000 hours, with a guarantee of 500 hours from AccuStream. The DiaLine also adapts to all major manufacturers on/off valves with incredible ease.

The outcome of this innovation is sharper cut edges, higher quality parts, and increased nozzle life by as much as fifteen percent. The bottom line- The DiaLine saves valuable time and money. The new DiaLine is simply another indication that AccuStream makes their customers’ needs the heart of their superior innovation.

For more information, you can visit their website at www.accustream.com