AccuStream Introduces the New A-Series Intensifier Pump

Posted on 3-01-2010

AMRC and Boeing AccuStream Waterjet Products is proud to introduce the A-Series, 60,000 psi, Intensifier Pumps. The A-Series boasts the industry's most reliable and cost efficient waterjet pump available today. With longer run times, slower stroke rates, available air over oil cooling system, and cost effective replacement parts, the A-Series is the choice for those conscious of the bottom line.

The A-Series is in the latest line of intensifier pumps from AccuStream. Developed from an economical standpoint, and designed with all the essential functions and simple controls of our larger pumps, the A-Series brings a more streamlined approach to a variety of waterjet cutting applications without compromising on performance. Featuring the same Advanced Intensifier Technology (AIT) found in our fully featured AS Series Pumps, the A-Series offers the latest in high-pressure intensifier design, delivering increased reliability and efficiency. And its compact design allows for a smaller footprint where space utilization is vital. In all, the A-Series provides an ideal solution for micro abrasive cutting applications or multiple head pure water cutting requiring 60,000 psi. The A-Series is available in 15 hp and 30 hp models with a 50 hp model coming soon.