AccuStream waterjet products

Afforable Quality

We have worked a lifetime on your shop floor

AccuStream™ has been in the waterjet business from the beginning. Our founder is an industry pioneer, leading research and development on the first generations of high pressure intensifier pumps. Early on, he opened a waterjet job shop – the shop that would be the genesis of AccuStream.

Born and raised as a waterjet job shop, we proved ourselves by overcoming the same challenges you confront everyday: staying competitive in the market, keeping machines running, finding affordable replacement parts and technical service, and quickly making repairs to get back into production. In our continual search for the best ways to be competitive and conquer other keep-you-up-at-night dilemmas, we found a recurring truth – we were uniquely positioned to develop replacement parts for waterjets. And not just any replacement parts but parts that met our own high standards for component life, quality, availability and price. This is the idea that launched AccuStream and our products for all waterjets.

We felt from the beginning that providing long-lasting, high quality parts was not enough. As a waterjet user, you need a partner that you can depend on to pick up the phone when you call, answer your waterjet questions, help with your day-to-day waterjet dilemmas and deliver parts with the sense of urgency demanded by your business. Basically, to get you what you need when you need it. How do we know? We were there, too.

As a brand of Hypertherm, we’re taking that care to a whole new level. We are 100% Associate-owners of Hypertherm which means that each and every one of us has a vested interest in your satisfaction and a strong drive to provide the best products and services. Let us earn your business with replacement parts engineered and manufactured in America. Parts that can lower your cost of ownership by delivering more cuts, more work hours, increased productivity and ultimately greater profitability. Parts delivered with a level of service that you will only find with AccuStream.